Notman Photos

The McCord Museum of Canadian History in Montreal recently located seventeen images of Liffitons taken by the Notman Photographic Studios between 1870 and 1913. Charles Albert Liffiton (1849-1927) or members of his family are the predominant subjects. A photograph of William Thomas Liffiton (1852-1916) and a second of his hockey pro son, Charlie Liffiton, were also discovered. Both were taken on the same day in 1899.

The McCord Museum houses the Notman Archives, a collection of over 1,250,000 photographs from the Notman Studios. Permission to display some of the photographs at has not yet been granted, but today you can view online two Liffiton images taken in 1910. To see Miss Violet Liffiton and her sister Miss Muriel (Capi), go to the McCord Museum web site at Type in "Liffiton" in the search field at the top right of the page.