All Liffiton people now living (located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States) trace their connection to Harry's ancestors, Jane (1738 - 1812) and Richard Liffiton (1758 - 1821). The connecteion is through two families which emigrated in the mid-19th Century from England. In 1849, the George Liffiton family of London settled in Montreal, Canada. In 1856, the Thomas Huntley Liffiton family left their home in Littleham at Exmouth, Devonshire, for New Zealand where they settled in Wanganui, on North Island. Decendants of George Liffiton's family live primarily in Canada and the United States. Decendants of Thomas H. Liffiton are in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

About the Liffiton Surname

The earliest documented use of the Liffiton name is the 1758 baptismal record of Richard Liffiton, son of Jane Liffiton, of Kingswear Parish. Kingswear is located on the southeast coast of Devonshire, England. Liffiton is derived from Liverton and Leviton, names used by Jane Liffiton's husband. However, her husband appears not to have been the father of Jane's children, so a blood link between Liffiton and Liverton has not been established. For further details, see "Jane Nowell, the first Liffiton," found in Archives under England.

Liverton, Leviton, and Liffiton are variations of Leverton. Mr. Stuart Roberts of St. Austell in Cornwall, England, the leading researcher and authority on Leverton and its variations, has traced the Devon and Cornish Leverton variations to Livaton in South Tawton Parish, near Okehampton, Devonshire. The Subsidy Rolls for South Tawton for the year 1332, record the name of John de Lyuaton (John of Lyvaton). The last of the Liffiton line in England, Harry Chamberlain Liffiton, died in Sudbury, Suffolk in 1963.