Liffiton Middle Names

It's not uncommon for a child in some countries to be given as a middle name the surname of the mother, a grandparent or some other relative. It's done as an honor. Here are seven Liffitons who use the name in the middle:

Michael Paul Liffiton Baby, CA

Drew Liffiton Davis, b. 1980 USA

Arthur Liffiton Gadsden, 1884-1979 d. Vancouver, BC, CA

Jean Liffiton Honoré, NZ (Amoore)

Carol Liffiton Knight, b. 1933 USA (White, Hand)

Frank Liffiton Tupman, 1894-1972 b. Devon, UK d. Victoria, BC, CA, was probably named after his grandmother, Mary Mercy Liffiton of Exmouth, England.

Julie Liffiton White, b. 1956 (USA)

(Updated 06/10/2009)