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Welcome to Liffiton Family History at This site explores history and genealogy related to the Liffiton surname, which originated in England around 1758.

Take Google Maps to Littleham

Take a Google Maps trip to Littleham. The cottages were torn down in the 1930s and the stone bridge is gone, but the church remains at the junction of Littleham Road, Castle Lane and West Down Road.

Go to and search for Littleham at Exmouth, Devon, England. Use the satellite and street views.

Stanley Cup Champs
This photo collage of the Stanley Cup Champions for 1906-1908 sold at auction in 2009 for Canadian $3,218. Ernie Liffiton is in the lowest rectangle to the far right. Click on it to see the image closer and look in Photos - Hockey for the largest view.

Littleham Village from a card postmarked 1910. Click photo for the full image.


Richard Liffiton the younger lived in Liffiton Cottage in 1844 and 1851.

Littleham Village on a card postmarked 1906. Littleham Parish Church is center and Liffiton cottage is far left. Artist: H.B. Wimbush

Liffitons of Littleham 1781 - 1881

The earliest evidence of the Liffiton name is at Kingswear, Devonshire, England. However, it is at the village of Littleham near the seacoast town of Exmouth that the historical record fills in more details of the early Liffiton story. In Littleham Richard Liffiton married and started a family that lived in and around Littleham for one hundred years.

After Richard’s baptism in 1756 at Kingswear, about twenty miles southwest of Littleham, the record is silent until July 1, 8, and 15, 1781. Banns were called for Richard and 21-year old Mary Copp, at Littleham Parish. They married on September 17, 1781 at the Littleham Parish Church, known as the Church of St. Margaret and St. Andrew.

A rural farming community in the 1780s, Littleham Village was located a mile east of the seacoast town of Exmouth and less than a mile north of the English Channel. It was thirteen miles southeast of Exeter, the largest city in the county. Although today Littleham retains some of its rural characteristics, it is a residential suburb of Exmouth.

Following their marriage Richard and Mary Liffiton were tenant farmers, growing corn (the English word for wheat, barley, and oats), grain, pulses, and hay. They had seven children, five baptized at Littleham Parish: John in 1782, Richard in 1784, Arthur in 1787, Elizabeth in 1795, and a first William who was born and died in 1797. A second William was born about 1801, and George was born in 1803. In addition to the first William, Arthur died early-at age 25 in 1812.

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